About Me

Where the donuts are; that’s where you’ll find me. My happiness lies in life’s little frostings- buttercream on my cupcakes, color on my nails, and stilettos on my feet. If you think you know love, wait until you become a mommy…Brixton Banks and Bravery Brooks are my heart. I’ll school you in baking and banter, but my husband will confirm that I can’t cook my way out of a box of macaroni.

My goal in starting a fashion blog is to help women everywhere become more confident with who they are; one outfit at a time. When I’m not full time mommy-ing, you can catch me baking cupcakes and deciding between 90’s hip hop or 50’s rock and roll. I believe in staying humble, working hard and being kind above everything else.


Married June 14, 2014

Aspen Wedding // Kyle & Sage from Elysium Productions on Vimeo.

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Sage Weinglass

Instagram: thewittyhousewife

Hobbies Include: Sarcasm. Netflix. Pastels. A good proposal story. Inappropriate memes. Robert Deniros suits from Casino. Forehead kisses. Donuts. Self- love. Hip hop music. Men who treat their woman like a queen. Listening to people sing acapella or freestyle. Baking. Making people feel good about themselves. Oversized Sunglasses. My husband in sweatpants and a flat brim. Cheese. Baby boy snuggles.

Dislikes: Tomatoes. People who don’t wash their hands. Gum popping. People who ask pregnant women ‘You sure there aren’t 2 in there?’ Germs. People who respond to your anxiety with ‘Have you tried meditating or yoga?’ The smell of musky perfume. Feeling Nauseous. Bedtime.