Mommin is Messy.

Even though I love feeling stylish and fancy, this has been my reality the past few weeks as a stay at home mommy. Maternity leggings, long tees and a cluster feeding baby attached to me 24/7.

Sure I’m a little envious of all the popular mom bloggers who are dressed head to toe like effortless swanks. Full hair and makeup done with trendy fall outfits. But jealous or not, this is who I am. I don’t have a babysitter. My house gets messy. I bake cupcakes while the boys nap instead of folding all of my laundry because that ‘me’ time makes me happy.

Some days I want to give up on blogging while watching all of these glam fashion weeks because it feels impossible to ever get to be one of those traveling girls. Full time parenting with a newborn and a toddler ain’t no walk in the park y’all.

The truth is though, this time while my kids are young is priceless. This is time I won’t ever be able to get back. Even if I feel like a degenerate sloth because I haven’t been able to wash my hair in 2 days and I’m covered in spit up functioning off of 90 minutes of sleep; one day, I will look back and miss these days.

Your kids aren’t going to remember the time you left the house with no makeup on while wearing the same outfit you wore yesterday. They’re going to fall asleep at night thinking of you. Making them laugh, playing, being present and showering them with love. THAT is what is important to me right now. Boss lady go getter will have to be paused for a little while and I have to try and be okay with that.

Perhaps soon I will have an afternoon off while my mom is in town to get myself pretty and take photos as I slowly start to lose this baby weight. Although these little piggies are my first priority. And I feel so very blessed to have this alone time with them while they’re little minis, because I will treasure these memories for a lifetime.

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