Winter White

Coming back home for a couple weeks was much needed. Even when it snows, the sun seems to be always shining. Layering, warm clothes, leggings and boots? I think I am right where I belong.

14 Weeks Pregnant

This was my first shoot while pregnant, which was certainly a challenge in itself. I’m feeling much more confident the second time around because i’ve remained very active. Although it can be tough watching your body change so quickly while having no idea how to dress it. Without high waisted pants and crop tops I’m feeling like someone is holding my body hostage!

I know it’s all worth it. Please just bear with me as I too am learning how to dress this brand new belly (while attempting to look presentable).

Tank:Last Tango Shirt: Quinn Leggings: M. Rena Boots: The Frye Company Purse: Adrienne Landau

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