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 { Pregnancy Post}

 Carrying a child the second time around is certainly not easy. With the nausea and the cellulite, the extreme hunger, exhaustion, the hormones, calustraphobia? Beautiful is the last thing that I’m feeling. I know I am so blessed to experience this miracle, I just feel like someone is holding my body hostage.

Although I personally think that no one should look fabulous while growing a human,  it’s important to keep up the positive self talk throughout your entire pregnancy. All of those freaks of nature who can wear their regular size skinny jeans straight out of the delivery room? Ugh, the envy. But soooo unrealistic y’all. If i’ve learned one thing, it’s that I can’t compare myself to other moms. Every person carries differently, with varying experiences. So stay positive. The reward at the end of this interesting journey makes all of your fears and struggles worth it.

As unrealistic as it is for a pregnant full time mom to get dolled up everyday, it is necessary at least once a month for your sanity. As a busy stay at home mama of young children, it is very easy to lose your identity.  Something about wearing pastels makes me feel so feminine and fun. Makes me remember why I am the way that I am.  This was honestly the first time in a while where I felt comfortable and pretty in my own skin.

Get your hair blow dried. Find a dress that makes you feel sexy. Go to the gym. Eat that Ice Cream! Just because you’re getting fatter, doesn’t mean you should trade in your stilettos for sweat pants. Treast yaself girl, just don’t lose sight of who you are. Pregnancy is all about what you make it. Afterwards you can worry about getting your body back, For now, focus on the pure bliss you’re receiving rom that baby of yours. x

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