You are enough, Mommy.

Some days, I have major mom guilt. I question if the way I’m raising these boys is the “right way” because I can be overprotective and a little too lenient.

Some days, I see the way my toddler shows empathy towards others and it makes me feel proud. Sometimes, they have way too much screen time because all I can manage that day is getting the three of us dressed and fed and out of the house. Some days, I have a picky eater on my hands and feel terrible when he won’t eat a single thing all day except for a banana, a cookie and a few bites of eggs. Some days, I wonder if I did enough to fill their tiny heads with exciting new memories to fall asleep with or if they’re bored with our everyday routine. Sometimes I compare myself to other moms even though I know that I shouldn’t, because it seems like they have it all together while managing more than two and a job.

It’s definitely made me much less of a selfish person. And my heart is very full putting little ones before myself everyday. But what I have come to is this: Everyone has a different parenting style. Nobody is perfect. My boys are fortunate little ponies. We have tickle fights. We build forts. Baby still co-sleeps with me. Daddy gives them a bubble bath before bed. I sing them lullabies and tell them how special they are to me, every single day.

So even if I don’t have it all together, or if there is some sanctimommy out there, reading this and ready to chime in with some amazing advice on how I could be doing it better feeding them healthier meals and getting a sleep coach, the most important thing to me, is that they are loved deeply. So if any of you other moms out there had a rough day and are doubting yourself for the hundredth time or feeling judged, remember how much your babies look up to you. That you are their entire world and an amazing mommy for loving them as much as I love my boys. I think that is all that really matters. 💙

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