My kids, my say.


The face I make when my friends and family without any kids tell me a list of things I need to be doing differently. *Cue eye roll*

Any judgey mcjudgersons complaining about my sons hair length, how I need to change his name, my childrens bed time, breastfeeding, how I should only formula feed, co sleeping, not sleeping in his own crib, cry it out/not letting him cry it out/ how my 3 year old needs to be around more kids, how I need to make sure they learn a second language, how they should both already be in daycare to be socialized, how I need child care so I can go out at night, how I need to be more chill like your friends and let more people watch them… how I need to pull them out of swim classes because of the dangers of dry drowning. ๐Ÿ™„

Keep the judgements coming, but guess what, I’m the mama. My house, my kids, my life. My oldest is 3, he will start preschool when we are living somewhere permanently and I don’t have to pull him in and out of classes. He has his entire life ahead of him to meet people and make friends. But even if I decided to home school him on a ranch until he is 15, that is my decision.

I am SO LUCKY I can spend this much time with my boys. I will never understand how people fortunate enough to stay home with their kids would rather get a nanny and live life as they please. And if that is what makes you a better mommy, great. But please respect me for my lifestyle too. If you’re older and your kids are grown, you had the chance to shape and raise your children any way that you wanted. Now it is my turn, whether someone likes my style of parenting or not.

My parents both love me deeply, but they had a different style of bringing us up. Isn’t it our job as the next generation to learn from all of our parents mistakes? They’re okay calling to tell me daily about what I’m doing isn’t right, but I’m willing to bet they weren’t the ones holding my hair back the first time I had the stomach flu. They probably have no idea what my favorite color is, what my favorite movie is or who my first kiss was. None of that even matters now. They did the best job that they could do and I cannot fault them for that. I turned out okay. I just want to be a different kind of parent to my littles and be there for all of their firsts.

I might be a helicopter mama, but they’re only this little once and I will never get this time back. While they’re still young, I want to shape them the best as I can to be well mannered, hard working gentleman before they’re influenced by the bullies of the world. Haters are going to hate, but I’m just wondering, why y’all care so much? ๐Ÿ˜‚

The best job in the world is being a mommy. And that’s exactly what it is, MY JOB. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Judge less, love more, talk less, listen more. Complain less, appreciate more, and keep the opinions to yourself. I am doing the best job that I ย can. Momming is only going to be more challenging as they grow older, the boys will have my husband and I to depend on, and I am ready for it all. If your kids are loved, happy and healthy, that is all that should matter.

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