Violet Afternoons

Casual Weekends

{Candy Coated Streetwear}

Aspen, Colorado

< Likes & Dislikes at the bottom >

Shirt: Wildfox old but tons of styles here Pants: J.Crew Shoes: Steve Madden Purse: J.Crew Bow: Target

Likes: Oversized bows. Proposal stories. Pastel errythang. Hip hop music. Self love. Inappropriate memes. Donuts. Having my hair played with. Guys who treat their woman like a queen. Pixar movies. Robert Deniros suits from Casino. People who can freestyle. Baking cupcakes. Making people feel good about themselves. When I see my husband in a flat brim and sweatpants. Breakfast tacos. Baby boy snuggles.

Dislikes: People who don’t wash their hands. People who try to catch up about life while in the grocery store aisles. People who ask pregnant women ‘if they are sure there aren’t two in there.’ Putting someone down instead of taking accountability and apologizing. Dick pics. Gum popping. The smell of musky perfume. When people respond to your anxiety with “Have you tried meditating or yoga?” Tomatoes. Feeling Nauseous. Bedtime.

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