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Whenever I’m not feeling like myself and want to Spice things up a little , I turn up the swank. Definition: ALL BLACK ERRYTHANG.

Both outfits are perfect for when you have very little time to get ready, but still need to look professional and feel sexy. Or in my case, an energized toddler running wild while  attempting to leave the house. Shit, mommies need to feel presentable too.

First Look: Affordable and Simple.

💄✨ {Sophisticated Swank} ✨💄

Outfit Idea 1-  Any full length Black Jumper, Black Purse, Pop Shoes and Fun Sunnies. Pull your hair back in a top knot or a sock bun (both tutorials available on youtube), throw on a little blush and mascara and you’re ready to go!

Shop my Favorite Romper options online at Splendid, Cupcakes and Cashmere or Target

Pictured above- Jumper: Splendid Purse: Jack Rogers Shoes and Glasses: Aldo

Second Look- Summer Nights


Black isn’t Boring.  

Even though I have grown to love dressing in neutrals, Black is what I feel the sexiest in. Light hair or dark hair, it doesn’t matter. When you want your date to do a double take when he picks you up later, black is totally the best answer.

💕✨ {Fun and Flirty}  ✨💕

Outfit Idea 2– Black Crop Top. Black High waisted Skirt. Black Stilettos. Classic handbag. (You can always do a pencil skirt here too. But one that is ruffled or pleated feels a little more playful and flirty.) A leather jacket works too if you’re going somewhere that will be chilly later.

Take your hair down, Pin the bangs back and put on some gangster rap (or your favorite Britney song).  Okay, now you’re ready. 😛

Pictured Above- Crop Top: American Apparel Skirt: LeRok Shoes: Schutz Purse: Louis Vuitton

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