Lovely In Lavender

Preparing. For. Fall. 

Perhaps I am just biased because Lavender is my favorite color. However, I am a big fan of doubling up on one color in different shades, to make for a very unique and stylish look.

I agree that Lavender might be a little too much for all of you that are staring at this post in disbelief. However, my outfit ideas listed below, might be more up your alley. Plus, before dying my hair back to natural, I felt obligated to get a little wild in my favorite shade while the locks were still purple.

✨🍦{{Sleek and Unique}}✨🍦

💕OUTFIT IDEA💕 (Listed under photos) or shop the exact look by clicking on the links below.

Sweater: Wildfox Pants: Robins Jeans Shoes: Steve Madden Purse: Topshop


1. All Navy.


2. All Black.


3. All White.

You can never go wrong with any of these three and not look like the classiest swank on the block. Any outfit too matchy can always be paired with a fun belt, purse or shoes of another color to break up the crazy.

NAVY: You own a favorite pair of dark skinny jeans and a navy shirt? Grab a tan belt, some pearl earrings and some navy Jack rogers or loafers.

 BLACK: Crop sweater,  statement necklace and a sexy skirt in any style. Plain black jeans, a black tee, tote bag and some big colored earrings (my favorite are from AldoNordstroms or Baublebar Each listed under the accessories tab, that you can buy right here from clicking on the highlighted links above). Even if you find an old pair of black high waisted- wide leg pants that used to be your moms and pair them with a black tank tucked in and your tallest sexy stilettos. It’s all the same ladies. Black and Black is a no brainer; A fashion yes no matter what.

WHITE:  White denim is so versatile and timeless. Shop my favorite brands at Genetic, Seven for all mankind, or AG in their yummy brush cotton. Whenever I am in head to toe white, I always feel extremely feminine and preppy. Summer or winter, it doesn’t matter to me. White crop top, White Pants, nude wedges? Otay. White Tank, White Jeans, Pop shoes? Even better. Anytime you need examples of any of these, contact me. I am totally your girl.

Shirt: Rag and Bone Pants: Genetic Shoes: Aldo

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the support y’all.





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