Wear Sunscreen

I grew up in a town where for some reason, everyone feels compelled to tell you “Honey, I’m used to the sun. I don’t need that sunscreen!” This always terrified me to my core. Not to mention, it totally shows. Unless you want to look 65 years old by age 40, or identical to one of my very weathered leather purses, be my guest.

I don’t care if you’re an old fisherman from west palm beach or a crazy snowshoeing  know it all. The sun will always be stronger than your hairbrained beliefs. So please, lube up your children with spf 100. NEVER miss your face and hands, and for the love of all that is holy… Re apply after sweating profusely or going in the water. I would think this was common sense, but I have passed some scaryyy faces while hiking.

Thinking error: “If I wear a higher SPF, I won’t get a good tan.”   Seriously? This is your concern? I might get teased for my ‘porcelain skin’ but when I’m older and still looking like a babydoll, then who will be the one laughing?

One Word: Melanoma.

(You’re welcome).

Helping stubborn mountain gals one wrinkle at a time…


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