Pregnancy Outfit Ideas

When you become pregnant and all of the sudden have this body you’re unfamiliar with, getting dressed in the morning can be anything but confidence building. 

With a growing belly, bra’s that no longer fit you, pants that don’t button and visible cellulite, it becomes difficult to look in the mirror at yourself. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but no one likes to talk about the insecurities that come up while getting dressed.

Below is a flashback compilation of my favorite and simple pregnancy outfits. 

Also some tips from how to dress that awkward bloat belly in the first trimester, links on what to buy under each outfit, and third trimester claustrophobia (dressing your watermelon tummy).

12 Weeks Pregnant

Tank: Last Tango  Leggings: Blanqi Leggings   Longsleeve: Quinn Boots: The Frye Companyy


  • Find a long stretchy tank top that will fit nicely over belly and still be long enough to layer. 
  • It’s still possible this early in a pregnancy to wear a crop top if you layer with a long tank underneath! Keeping both the same color keeps you looking extra classy.
  • Even though other people can’t tell, you feel sooo bloated during this time, try to stay away from tight jeans. Linked above this, is my favorite pair of over the belly maternity leggings.
  • Dress up any legging look with some black ankle boots or tall knee highs.

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant

Dress: Monroe Vest: Love Token Purse: Jack Rogers Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Dress: Want my Look Jacket: Vince Earrings: Baublebar

Twenty Six Weeks Pregnant

Longsleeve: All Things Fabulous Sweatshirt: All Things Fabulous Denim: AG Maternity Shoes: Vince Camuto Fur Purse: Adrienne Landau Crossbody Bag: Tory Burch Sunglasses: Ray Ban

  • Still Wearing regular non-maternity shirts one to two sizes larger than I usually would. During Second Trimester, I personally feel that tighter around belly is more flattering.  
  • Maternity Jeans, because  pregnant my butt and thighs are the first to get large. Wearing something comfy over the belly will be your first priority. Most jeans, even maternity are so thick and hot- these AG Jeans from Pea in the Pod were actually comfortable, I wore them a month post partum as well.
  • Fun Wedges so that you can still feel a tiny bit sexy.
  • Cute Bag. First outfit is an oversized, Second outfit is a cross body purse. Whatever you prefer more.

35 Weeks Pregnant a.k.a Everything Hurts and I’m Dying 😂

Tank: Pea in the pod Silk Shirt: ily_iley Lace Longsleeve: Pink Blush Maternity Pants: M. Rena Leggings  Shoes: Zara  

For Maternity Dresses ⬇

Click on the link here for Pink Blush to look at very affordable dresses for a Maternity Shoot or a Baby Shower Dress.  Also, here for Rachel Pally Maternity. Still have gorgeous options, only with a higher price point option. 

Feel free to email me any questions or help you with your upcoming pregnancy shoot or baby shower outfit.   




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